Friday, October 12, 2012

Starting to post again, YEA!!!

I am going make a concerted effort to post more regularly.  

I am working on an 18 x 18 counted needlepoint.  Took a two day class with my ANY (American Needlepoint Guild.  It is a monochromatic sampler of sorts.  It had a ton, just ton, of pre stitching.  Everyone picked out a different color.  I was first drawn to old golds, but had a lot of problems with the colors, so I switching to purples.  At first I picked out only dark, royal purples, but quickly realized that there was no contrast to the piece if I did not get different hues of purple, which I did. My girlfriend in the class brought me some burgundy wine reds that went with the purples, so I changed my colors to purples and these beautiful wine red colors.  I have done a few of the 37 rectangles.  It will be a long WIP, but one that is coming out just beautiful.  Will post a picture soon.  

This is just a short blog.  Need to start somewhere.  I will post a picture of this counted needlepoint soon.  

Yours in creating a beautiful life,


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

February is done!

Here is February! I ordered a steamer yesterday to help (hopefully) get the creases and wrinkles out better than my iron. I have always been rather frustrated about those darn wrinkles. I will be getting the frame and foam core from the framers tomorrow or Thursday. When I have it done I will post a picture of how it looks in the frame.

Happy stitching,

Monday, January 2, 2012

WIPocalypse 2012 Challenge

I have decided to join the WIPocalypse challenge. Melissa has organized this stitch-a-long.

The WIPocalypse is a stitch-a-long playing up on the joke that the world will end in 2012.  It's short for Works In Progress Apocalypse.  The goal for the WIPocalypse is to make progress on our projects.  On each full moon I will post an update of my progress. The dates are listed on Melissa's WIPocalypse blog page. I am doing this to better organize my crafting projects.

You can read more about this at Melissa blog up above.

I have organized my stitching list into WIPs, SALs, wish list future starts and those in my first tier stash. All projects listed below (excluding crochet projects) have fabric, threads and embellishments (when need) with each chart.

Below is my list. I am more than likely going to adjust the lists during 2012.



Little House - Elizabeth Hancock sampler (ordered)
Country Cottage Designs - monthly cottage series (January done, February started)

Cross Stitch
Drawn Thread - Random Thoughts
Just Cross Stitch Magazine, Nov/Dec 2011 - Star of David
Little House - Summer Splendor
Just Nan - Spring Frills Humbug
La D Da Designs - Dragonfly Pinkeep 

Counted - Amish Trip Around the World Quilt Nancy's Needle
Unpainted - Stitch sampler of 15 dogs

Crochet projects
Shawl (dark denim with flecks of lighter blues)
Lapghan (burgandy, navy and gray done in a tweed pattern)

WISH LIST Future Starts
Ink Circles - Metamorphosis
Little House - The Family Sampler
Blue Ribbon Designs - Botanical Blessings
With Thy Needle & Thread - Mystery Sampler (in 3 charts)
Homespun Elegance - Bird 'n Blossom Pinkeep
Barbara Ana Designs - Fur-ever friends
Lizzie Kate - Live Love Laugh (new version)

Crochet - cotton ripple wrap in dark purple

First tier stash

Little House - New England Winter
Blue Ribbon Designs - Read Between The Lines - A Bookmark Sampler
Sunflower Seed - Storklette Scissor Holder
With Thy Needle & Thread - Flag Day
Lizzie Kate Designs
- Life's A Beach
- Stitching Forever
Just Nan - Bluebird Alphabet

Ripple afghan (not sure of colors)

That's all for now!

Happy and Healthy New Year to all!