Friday, October 12, 2012

Starting to post again, YEA!!!

I am going make a concerted effort to post more regularly.  

I am working on an 18 x 18 counted needlepoint.  Took a two day class with my ANY (American Needlepoint Guild.  It is a monochromatic sampler of sorts.  It had a ton, just ton, of pre stitching.  Everyone picked out a different color.  I was first drawn to old golds, but had a lot of problems with the colors, so I switching to purples.  At first I picked out only dark, royal purples, but quickly realized that there was no contrast to the piece if I did not get different hues of purple, which I did. My girlfriend in the class brought me some burgundy wine reds that went with the purples, so I changed my colors to purples and these beautiful wine red colors.  I have done a few of the 37 rectangles.  It will be a long WIP, but one that is coming out just beautiful.  Will post a picture soon.  

This is just a short blog.  Need to start somewhere.  I will post a picture of this counted needlepoint soon.  

Yours in creating a beautiful life,