Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birthday and friends

I just celebrated a milestone birthday.  It was the best ever.

I spent the day doing the things I love.  I watched my husband play in a tennis match.  Went to the gym to work out.  Got a flu shot (finally) and a shingles vaccination shot and then went home and did some cross stitching.  I prepared some projects by wrapping threads, cutting fabric and stitching around the perimeter to prevent them from fraying.  At night we watched two of my favorite movies, Love Actually and the new version of Pride and Prejudice (my most favorite love story ever!!).

 My girlfriends took me out to a great birthday dinner last night.  On my plate there was a beautiful bouquet of yellow and pink roses.  When I opened the fabulous card I was overwhelmed by the sentiment and the generosity of the gift.  I have taken up road cycling (with spandex & all).  The gift certificate was for a local cycling shop and will be put to good use.  Thank you my dear friends: Ginger, Lisa, Cathy, Irene, Sherrie, Nancy, Terri, Deena and Emlee.  You will never know how much I appreciate your friendship and love.  Thank you all so very much!!

I am waiting for my January cottage pattern to come in from ABC Stitch.  It should be here today or tomorrow.  I have already prepared my fabric.  Can't wait to start!  I am part of the SAL for these patterns from Country Cottage designs which will come out monthly.  Some of the 100 or so participants are doing them on one piece of fabric, while me and others are doing them individually to put in a frame and will change them out monthly.  I am doing it on a Belfast 32 count natural linen.  It is a light brown color with darker flecks in it.  It should look beautiful.  Will post pictures of the finished project.

Yours in stitching and life,

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