Friday, April 25, 2014

Posting again

I decided to start to blogging again.  

Today was a good day.  Went to my American Needlepoint Guild meeting and got to be around people who talk my language. Everyone is working on some amazing pieces.  I enjoy being around such creative people.  

We got instructions on how to do a sudoku piece on 18 count canvas. Can't wait to pull threads for this, as it is a "stash buster" piece.  Our guild is dong a friendship sampler and when I get mine back next month, I will use those threads  (I put a lot of them in mine) for this new piece.  

I am working on a 40 count cross stitch pattern, Pink Sparrow.  Enjoying every minute of it and it is coming out beautiful. Also working on a Terry Dryden counted needlepoint, Mediterranean Squares. Got the whole kit, including the colors. It calls for many new threads and stitches, both yummy to work with.  

I plan on cleaning out my craft room, as it is getting out of control.  I can't seem to find anything. Can't even stand to walk into it, as I am afraid that something is going to fall on my head.

Will post some photos later.  

Keep well and have peace of mind,


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